Our members love the OneMind Dogs method! Read some testimonials sent by our pack members!

"Best online instruction I have come across. Very clear explanations!" - Marjorie Otterson

"I love the philosophy of connection with our dogs. Thinking of handling and the course from the dog's perspective changes the whole game!" - Beth Hostetter

"I believe in my Soul that this is best method of communication with our dogs. I am not the most athletic person, with a system this honest the dogs will let you know what they do and do not understand. The dogs run free and with less stress because they understand their job and receive the information in a timely manner......barring our human error !! :)" - Lynne Luckow

"Thanks so much. Your teaching videos are fantastic! The breakdown and illustration on the videos with phases and mistakes really aid in understanding the techniques." - Arlene Lillie

"Because they are awesome!!!" - Nicole Levesque

"Thoughtful easy to understand website and approach." - Janice Moran

"GREAT: Amazing product - so worth every single penny!! I'll have to think about what could be improved. Mostly, I think this is online done right... Many thanks - and please pass our regards on to Tuulia and Timo. We were at their weekend in Connecticut and it was amazing. Lovely people and simply incredible instructors!!" - Nolan / Grifter Diane / Tuggie

"The website is a fantastic resource for me! I use the videos and enjoy the conversations that others are having on the site." - Jana Wilson

"Where have you all been all my life!!! Watched as many videos as I could! Applied to dog!! Went great!!" - Lori Bunch

"They have excellent training methods and are a kind considerate bunch of people." - Lyn Brakke

"Even though I have not been to the seminar yet, I find that OneMind Dogs is very organized by giving information on the seminar, the site, etc. I am really excited about actually going." - Cindy Barkley

"Very positive group of people!" - Sharon Muller

"Love the method and how the dogs read it so naturally!" - Leslie Dawson-North

"Great company, method and people." - Sasha To

"I can't thank you all enough, you have changed the way I will train and even walk courses , this camp was what I needed to put it all together for me , and I know now I can be the handler my dog deserves, thank you all I hope I have the opportunity to work with you all again in the near future." - Jody Reardon

"Hello!!! Miss you all so much already. I felt so blessed to attend the camp. Never met a nicer bunch of people never mind being able to benefit from your incredible knowledge. I love how excited you all get. Nice to see that kind of energy when you teach. It's infectious. Thank you for that. Hope to be one of you some day. Can't wait for your coaching program :0)" - Lisa Kalkhoven

"Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm. Every minute spent working with you was worth a million. I cannot thank you enough for inspiring me to step up my commitment for what I do. You made me feel like I could do this, when I had lost hope." - Katrina Scott

"THANK YOU for coming all this way and sharing your knowledge. Thank you for your patience in repeating instructions multiple times so that we all understood. Thank you for demonstrating such a positive and helpful attitude towards all participants - a reminder to me as an instructor to be as kind and patient with my students (and with myself) as I am with the dogs!" - Janet Ingersoll

"Awesome day again at Kineticdog camp! I was a working auditor for coursework camp today. I haven't audited an agility seminar in a long time. I usually audit lower level seminars when I do but there is something more when you audit a OneMind Dogs seminar. So many learnings and clarifications. Also so many new phrases! I haven't learned and laughed so much in a long time!" - Mary Champagne

Man 70 credits dog agility training for saving his life


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OneMind Dogs Moments!

"My Light Bulb Experience"

"Can't Wait To Go Out And Practice!"

"When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears"

"Connection To Your Dog!"

"You Can Do It!"

"Free To Make My Own Decisions!"

"Mistakes Are Information"

"One Year Anniversary"

"The Missing Piece"

"My Agility Story"

"My dog knew the answers all along!"

Cornelia Kluck - Impossible Is Nothing

Niki Drage – From Online Learning To OneMind Dogs Coach

Agility Is Better With OneMind Dogs

OneMind Dogs CAMP – “The BEST Agility Experience!"

Power Of The Mind - part 1

How OneMind Dogs Changed Me - part 1

OneMind Dogs Coach Magda - 8th Time At The AWC

Goosebumps At An OneMind Dogs Seminar

OneMind Dogs Coach Anna Eifert Aims High

Finding A New Perspective At An OneMind Dogs Seminar

From New Zealand to OneMind Dogs CAMP

Meet Pirkko Riekki

A Story of Mac – A Deaf Dog from Denmark

Goosebumps At An OneMind Dogs Seminar

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"Connection with your dog. Never forget how it made you feel."

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Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners. We are passionate about increasing the mutual understanding between the dog and the owner, making a life together more enjoyable for both.