Green and clean Finland – a fun playground for agility dogs!

In mid-September Finland is welcoming hundreds of agility dogs when the FCI Agility World Championships are held in Turku, Southwest coast of Finland. We may be a bit biased, but we really can’t think of many more fun places for dogs and their people to travel to than Finland!

Lots of forests, water, and clean space

As you will see from the plane when you start landing, most of Finland consists of forests and water! So even in our biggest cities like Turku, nature is at your doorstep. Cities have plenty of green areas, and you don’t have to go far at all to find some real forests for the doggies run and play in or beaches to swim at.

Finland is quite sparsely populated, there is also a lot more space everywhere! Most dog parks are quite spacious, and instead of being just a fenced patch of land, they often have some fun stuff for the dogs. There might be tree trunks to climb or even water to swim.

Cities in Finland are also kept very clean and tidy everywhere, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your dogs eating anything gross off the streets!

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Eating, drinking or shopping with your dogs

If you fancy grabbing some lunch or dinner, or even a drink with your furry companion, it is quite easy to find dog-friendly restaurants and bars in Finland. It is up to the restaurants to decide whether they welcome dogs, and thankfully, quite a few of them do!

Should you wish to buy some souvenirs for your dogs from Finland, it’s worth checking out e.g., Musti ja Mirri and Hurtta for some fun and useful stuff!

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Vets don’t break the bank

We hope you won’t be needing the vet services during your stay. But should you have an accident or an emergency, it’s good to know that the vets are reasonably priced in Finland compared to e.g., many places in the US, and veterinary care here has very high quality.

Dogs are also treated and looked after very well in Finland in general. We don’t have a dog overpopulation problem or stray dogs, and the majority of the dogs are also vaccinated and receive veterinary care when they need it.

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So welcome to Finland!

All of us from OneMind Dogs would like to wish you and your furry teammates a warm welcome to Finland and hope you will have a fantastic stay! If you have any questions at all about your visit, just leave a comment in this blog post, and we’ll be happy to advise!

We are planning some fun stuff for the OneMind Dogs community so it would be great to hear if you’re coming!

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