OneMind Dogs Coach Nicola Giraudi and Eira – Agility World Champions 2018!

The undisputed best team of the FCI Agility World Championships 2018 is OneMind Dogs Coach Nicola Giraudi (ITA) and Border Collie Eira! They won three out of four courses with exceptionally fast clean runs.

The moment right after winning: Nicola and Eira have just become Agility World Champions 2018! Eira happy with her OneMind Dogs toy!

Nicola and Eira ran altogether four courses at the World Championships. They won the Large Team Jumping course but unfortunately disqualified on the Large Team Agility course. As some of the other Team Italy members disqualified too, that meant no medal for Team Italy. Instead Large Team medals were won by 1. Belgium, 2. Russia and 3. Finland (with OneMind Dogs Coaches Janita Leinonen and Tuulia Liuhto).

Nicola and Eira won both individual courses

Last year Nicola and Eira won bronze, this year gold definately was their color! Nicola and Eira's combined result from jumping and agility courses was over a second faster than the next team, silver medalists Anne Lenz (GER) and Itzi Bitzi. Dave Munnings (GB) and Fame won bronze.

Watch Nicola and Eira's final run, the individual agility course! Thank you for this video Petra Strand.

And here's a comparison video of the gold and silver medalists running the final course! Thank you for the video Tuomas Oksanen.

We are so proud of our super star team Nicola and Eira as well as team bronze-winning Janita, Fu, Tuulia and Pirtu! OneMind Dogs congratulates all winning teams in all height classes! What an exciting event it was!

And next year... You are all invited to the home country of OneMind Dogs to watch the FCI Agility World Championships 2019: Welcome to Turku, Finland!

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