What’s an Agility Dog to Do in Turku?

This week, hundreds of agility dogs and their human teammates will be arriving in Turku for the FCI Agility World Championships. 

What does Turku, the oldest city, and the agility capital of Finland, look like from a dog’s perspective? And what are the fun things doggies might want to do while visiting? We put together some ideas for your trip.

Market square

If you want to meet some more locals in the heart of Turku while enjoying some tasty local food smells, Turku Market Square is a place to visit - despite the ongoing renovation. And if you have been a very good boy/girl, your human might even buy you a lovely Finnish treat like a pancake or a sausage from the market! 

Dog-friendly restaurants, shops & services 

Your human might want to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat in Turku city center. Thankfully there are plenty of restaurants, bars and even shops that will allow you to go in with them. Some of them might even give you some biscuits or other treats!

The other side of the river

The agility grass may seem greener on the other side of the river Aura, and it’s easy to get there by Föri, the 100-year-old city ferry. Taking the city ferry is an affordable way to transport your human. In fact, it’s free all year round!

Kakolanmäki by the funicular

One of the oldest and most famous prisons in Finland, Kakola, used to be located on this hill. Nowadays, Kakola is a modern neighborhood, and the jail has been turned into apartments. You can get there by the funicular in less than a minute, humans are allowed as well.

Many dog parks to choose from 

There are 15 dog parks in Turku! So if you want to make some Finnish doggie friends – there is plenty of choice for where to play with them. 

Ruissalo & its dedicated dog beach

Ruissalo is a beautiful island with a unique nature and history where your human will definitely enjoy taking a long walk with you. And if you fancy a swim to cool down after a hard day of agility, there is also a dedicated swimming area for you in Ruissalo!

Walkies in Port Arthur

Port Arthur is one of the most beloved neighborhoods in Turku. It’s an idyllic, picturesque area with an interesting history and cute wooden houses that all have their own names. It’s another area we think you and your human would enjoy checking out together during your stay in Turku. 

Vets, should you need them!

We trust you’ll stay healthy and injury-free while competing in Turku, but should you have an accident while doing your sport, you’ll be glad to hear the help is near! There are many veterinary clinics around, and emergency services for small animals are available e.g. at Turku Eläinsairaala with modern equipment and treatment possibilities.

Have a lovely stay!

We hope you will have a lovely stay in Turku, and all of us at OneMind Dogs wish you lots of luck if you’re competing! If you have any questions at all about your stay in Turku, please leave a comment below, and we’ll be happy to advise!

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