Westminster Winner Jessica Ajoux Analyses Her Runs

OneMind Dogs Coach Jessica Ajoux and Border Collie Fame(US) had an amazingly successful winning run at Westminster 2018. Watch Jessica analyse her winning performance in detail.

In this video Jessica breaks down the lines in the course and how they impacted which handling techniques she chose. You’ll also hear her technical analysis of her handling throughout the whole course. Jessica clearly demonstrates how your choices on one part of the course can really affect your handling options further down the track.

2018 Westminster Kennel Club dog show is an event that took place at Pier 94 in New York in mid February. 330 dogs were entered in the agility competition where Jessica and Fame(US) won the Masters Agility Championship.

Jessica and Fame(US) are a great example of a team that works seamlessly together. Jessica's handling is very brave and determined: in this run you can see as a handler she really goes for her plan and commits to the handling techniques she has chosen, but at the same time she is so clear in her handling that her dog never has to question anything. She makes the course extremely easy to read for the dog with exemplary execution of CCC - Connect, Commit, Cue between every obstacle.

Poetry in motion, a true example of two souls, one mind. It’s so obvious that the relationship between Jessica and Fame(US) runs much deeper than just a team in agility, they clearly have a very special bond. Thank you Jessica for sharing your insight on this run!

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