C-C-C - Connect, Commit, Cue

When you really understand the principles of C-C-C, and combine them with OneMind Dogs handling techniques, you can reach optimum results in agility. Watch the video to see the three Cs in practice!

Connection, Commitment and Cue are at the heart of OneMind Dogs Method. Using all three Cs between every obstacle makes it easy for your dog to advance on the course.

Connect, Commit and Cue are the principles of proactive handling. Your dog is connected with you and is aware at all times of where to go next. Imagine running a fast and challenging obstacle course in seconds, without knowing at each moment what your next steps should be. I can guarantee that you would not achieve a great result.

These letters should be carried out in order - Connect, Commit and Cue - from start to finish on an agility course, and between each and every obstacle. If there is no connection between you and your dog, your dog doesn’t commit to the next obstacle. If there is no commitment to the obstacle, your dog runs after you instead of performing the obstacle. If there is no cue, your dog doesn’t know, before performing the obstacle, whether he should go straight or turn afterwards. Missing one of the three Cs between any two obstacles on a course leads either to a refusal or to drifting away from the optimal path.

Pictures 1 & 2: Connection, Commitment and Cue: It’s difficult to make any mistakes on the course if you use all three Cs between every obstacle.

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