OneMind Dogs Coach pilot started!

An amazingly talented group of agility coaches gathered into Finland to kick-off the OneMind Dogs coach pilot.

In just four days, the OneMind Dogs head coaches Janita Leinonen and Jaakko Suoknuuti guided the pilot group through OneMind Dogs method including everything from foundation training to advanced handling techniques.

Anna Eifert and Karen Holik practising coaching and OneMind Dogs handling techniques.

All the coaches that were selected to the pilot group already knew a lot about the OneMind Dogs method and are extremely talented. The pilot lasts until end of this year and in 2016 our target is to open the OneMind Dogs Coach Program for other great handlers as well. We want to to develop a global network of agility coaches who will spread the word about high quality agility training and the OneMind Dogs method.

Our precious pilot participants from 11 different countries have now gone back to their home countries. During 2015 we will be working together with them to further develop the OneMind Dogs method and the coaching program. The lucky students of the coaches will have a chance to try out some of the OneMind Dogs exercises planned by the coach pilot group. We warmly recommend you to attend the trainings of the future OneMind Dogs pro coaches and become a premium member to strengthen your skills also outside the classes.

OneMind Dogs coaches and pilot participants (from left): Nic Jones (UK), Jaakko Suoknuuti (Finland), Mikko Aaltonen (Finland), Pavel Košek (Czech Republic), Marco Giavoni (Italy), Mari Kaplas (Finland), Nicola Giraudi (Italy), Soshana Dos (USA), Timo Liuhto (Finland), Mary Ellen Barry (USA), Niki Drage (Australia), Tuulia Liuhto (Finland), Magdalena Ziolkowska (Poland), Noora Keskievari (Finland), Jenni Leino (Finland), Karen Holik (USA), Kayl McCann (Canada), Jen Pinder (USA), Jessica Ajoux (USA), Rachel Sanders (USA), Minna Martimo (Finland), Anna Eifert (Hungary), Jane Elene Christensen (Denmark), Channie Elm Ørsted (Denmark), Thereze Woge (Sweden), Saija Mustonen (Finland), Janita Leinonen (Finland).

We’re are all hyped up about the coach pilot and will report about the progress during 2015. Meanwhile, read the extremely funny story of Nic Jonestransformation into a black OneMind Dogs butterfly… 

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