A Coach’s Diary - OneMind Dogs Coach Pilot Week

OneMind Dogs coach Nic Jones from the UK, kept a diary of her OneMind Dogs Coach Pilot week experience. We dare you to read this true story of a transformation into a black butterfly!

*strong Geordie accent

"Day 1 in the OneMind Dogs house....

Nic was the first participant awake, too excited and nervous to sleep.

At breakfast she soon discovers the Finnish like their tea like gnat's wee, she adds what she thinks is a 'black tea' teabag, it wasn't.

She spots another participant, actually she spotted 3 border collies and then the participant. Seeing a Danish flag on the back of the woman's coat she quickly deduces that it is Channie (one of two Danish participants and Nic has actually met the other one, ever the detective's daughter).

Nic realises she has left her Kellogs Crispie bar in her bedroom, getting her priorities in order she leaves the comfort of the wifi in the sauna and dashes back before her lift arrives to take her to DAY 1 OneMind Dogs Coaches scheme.

Gaaaaaaahh :D :D :D :D :D :D

*same strong Geordie accent

Day 2 in the OneMind Dogs house

Nic has cancelled her early flight home as she has found how to make a decent cuppa in Finland.

She is worried about XS baggage on the way home. She already has so many ideas, tips and reminders on teaching and training and this has only been one day. Where will she fit the remainder?

Nic thought she had heard of every type of reinforcement but discovered that even if it guaranteed her winning the FCI title she would NEVER, EVER, EVER use one method of reinforcement for speeding up contacts.

She is slowly metamorphosing into an OneMind Dogs coach, the presence of colour is disappearing from her clothes. Black is taking over. There is still some evidence of the juvenile colours today but that is expected to disappear by the end of day 4, where a completely black OneMind Dogs butterfly will emerge.

Nic also learned that the American sub species of OneMind Dogs coach is loud and drinks. Who knew????'

*yup, still a Geordie accent

Day 3 in the OneMind Dogs house

Nic is getting seriously worried about fitting in all the ideas and techniques, she may have to send some home with a courier.

She has already one idea to make her millions, and is getting creative as to how the DVD cover should look. She will be searching the countryside for the finest 2 sticks the instant she gets home.

The process of metamorphosis into the black OneMind Dogs butterfly has slowed, some of the outer shell has turned to a dark green but underneath the transformation to black is continuing.

Nic's studies of the American subspecies of OneMind Dogs coach (OneMind Dogsius loudus drinkius) are continuing. This subspecies has a tendency to 'share' at every opportunity, this altruistic behaviour has benefits to the group when 'sharing' concerns dog training but Nic did not need to know the ins and outs of the latest detox fad.'

*pick an accent

Day 4 in the OneMind Dogs house

Nic is getting close to bursting, and for once it's not her stomach. Just when she thought she had a good understanding of something, OneMind Dogs have just added a whole other level. The red pen, notepaper, and now laptop have all taken a battering this week. 8hrs teaching in the day are not enough for the OneMind Dogs instructors and discussions continue until 9pm in the evening.

Nic's shopping list grows longer and longer but at the top, and her first purchase, will be netting. The historical OneMind Dogs species, OneMind Dogsius jaakkus uses this tool in a huge variety of situations; capturing prey, preventing poor path crossing by OneMind Dogsius handlus and many, many more occasions. OneMind Dogsius janitus requires only a pole.

Nic's metamophosis has one final stage before completion. But at 65cm it is not surprising that Nic's legs are taking the longest time to transform to the true OneMind Dogs colour of black. Nic is told this can only happen upon partaking in a sauna and then jumping into ice water. Nic is thinking 'screw that''.

*whatever accent, make it quiet.

Day 5 in the OneMind Dogs house


Nic is in trouble. She has had a severe allergic reaction to the Baltic Sea dip, and it has left her severely dehydrated, slightly nauseous and with a thumping headache.

She has gone back to bed."

Written by Nic Jones

Editor’s note: In the end Nic Jones survived the Finnish sauna and icy Baltic Sea experience. Find out what happened in Finland after the coach week.

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