One Method, Two Ways Of Handling

Leading OneMind Dogs Coaches Mikko Aaltonen & Mari Kaplas never have a dull moment when they are practicing agility with their dogs. These two handlers rarely pick the same handling options, and their choices often end up to be completely different from each other.

Here you can see Mikko & Mari doing a sequence where they came up with two extreme handling options: "run as much as you can" and "handle the whole sequence from one spot, moving as little as possible". Mikko & Border Collie Yks did the running version of the sequence, while Mari & Australian Kelpie Hu got to do some distance work.

When young, these two dogs have aqcuired their skills from thorough foundation training. The great thing about foundation training is that you can do most of it anywhere: in your living room, yard or in a forest; you don’t need agility obstacles to prepare your dog for the future challenges. Since OneMind Dogs method is based on dogs’ natural behavior, most of the handling techniques require no training for the dog. The techniques simply make sense to them!

We have been able to follow the progress of Hu in Hu's Training Video Blog, which has inspired many people in the foundation training of their puppies.


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