Mikko Aaltonen

place Oulu, Finland

star Leading Coach

Mikko is the gentleman of agility. He is humble, precise and always keeps things organized. Mikko gets along with everybody, which makes him a true team player; he always supports and encourages each member. Mikko’s way of handling is smooth and technically perfect. He has competed at the international level for many years and has won the ultimate prize: Agility World Champion.

Mikko wants his students to learn the same levels of accuracy as he has in the agility course. He believes that you learn by doing. As an instructor, Mikko is known for his pleasantness and humanity and he patiently explains things as many times as needed to make sure everybody understands.

Mikko thinks that a good agility course challenges the handler and asks them to find the courage to make some risky decisions. He also likes course profiles that allow the dog to move forward smoothly and fast when the handler finds the right solutions and lines for the dog.

Mikko moves very fast and he likes to run quite close to his dog in the course. But when needed, he can also send the dog to do obstacles independently, to make sure that he will be in time for the next critical point of the course.

Coach Training Events
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2015 / Kaarina, Finland
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2016 / Kaarina, Finland
  • Handling Techniques 1 / March 2017, Haukipudas, Finland
  • Handling Techniques 1 / September 2016, Peyton, CO, USA
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2018 / Lieto, Finland
Certified to teach
  • OneMind Dogs Coach, can teach everything in the OneMind Dogs method

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