Judge’s Perspective: Championship Course Design Part 3

In the final post in this series, OneMind Dogs Coach and high level agility judge Nic Jones breaks down the Final course she designed for the 2018 Derbyshire Championship Show. If you haven’t already seen it, check out her analysis of the Agility course in Part 1 and the Jumping course in Part 2!

The final did not disappoint. Most handlers opted for Forced Front Cross to a Front Cross at #2. From there, the class split between Lap Turn or Running on the Dog’s Line to weaves or send and Blind Cross exit. A slightly different weave skill test but a bigger test of dog walk contact with a soft right turn at the exit.

Handlers really wanted to make a Front Cross #8-#9 but one or two were managing dog walk exits and only just executed the Front Cross. 6m tunnels really influence handling and interesting to see a few dogs not asked to reconnect appropriately out of 9, two dogs actually connected and committed strides to me as I moved towards my next judging point!

Independence on the see saw allowed handlers to drive forward to facilitate the turn 16 to 17 by completing a Blind Cross #15-#16 and then 18 allowed handlers to choose the between a slice (by making a German Turn) or a Reverse Wrap to Blind Cross.

Natasha Wise with her young, large dog Pebbles was the outstanding dog in all three rounds. She was placed second in both the agility and jumping round but with her trademark professionalism and handling skills she ran Pebbles to achieve 3 for 3 clears and the win in the final which also made Pebbles her 3rd Agility Champion. Well done.


Article: Nic Jones

You can find a printable course maps here:

Thank you Nic Jones for this wonderful 3-part analysis of your fun and challenging courses!

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