Niki Drage

place Orange, Australia

star OneMind Dogs Coach

Niki is a very deliberate handler, who tries to be as smooth as possible in her timing and communication with her dogs. She uses handling elements to her advantage to help each dog navigate the course with their unique skill sets. “I am a fast runner when I need to be, but I usually rely on timely cues and good obstacle focus when negotiating a challenging course,” she says.

Niki’s strengths lie in reading a course and deciding how to negotiate it for each specific dog. “I know my dogs very well and that helps with choosing how to handle a course. I'm also a very keen study, so I know all the ins and outs of the OneMind Dogs method in depth. This has really helped me to understand the big picture.”

“I am confident once I choose my handling, so there is no doubt or hesitation on course. My passion lies in making it easy, safe and fun for my dogs out on course and being the best handler I can be for them.”

As a coach, Niki is well known for being patient and fun. She is very passionate about helping dogs and handlers experience the magic of OneMind Dogs and that true feeling of connection and flow. “Seeing the look on a handler's face during a lightbulb moment is a hard feeling to beat!”

Niki is also passionate about making agility safe and fun for all dogs. “There's nothing I love more than helping a handler understand how to communicate properly with their dog in a way that is clear and easy for the dog to understand. The feeling of relief from the dog is almost palpable - "finally, my handler understands how to tell me what to do on course!"

Niki makes sure learning is fun and that every team comes away having learned something. She also works in the OneMind Dogs office as the Chief of Customer Experience, so if you have contacted our customer service, chances are you have already met! “I am always happy to help anyone who feels lost or confused or is struggling to understand a concept. There is no such thing as a stupid question, so please ask away!”


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