Jenni Leino

place Paimio, Finland

star OneMind Dogs Coach

Jenni is a precise and analytical handler who loves rules and doing things by the book. She seldom takes shortcuts on her handling choices to achieve a result: she always wants to be fair to her dog and find the most logical handling lines. She loves teaching her dogs technical skills so they feel confident working independently and read the course well. Nothing matters more to her on a course than having her dog understand her.

Jenni is passionate about understanding canine behaviour and learning more about it from dogs themselves. She loves following how dogs interact with each other, especially how older dogs educate puppies, and takes what she learns from the dogs into training. Jenni holds a special place in her heart for dogs that are called “difficult” by others. She sees getting inside a dog’s head as a positive challenge and a chance to learn more. She is not afraid to work hard to solve problems. When she decides to begin something, she won’t give up until the job is done.

Jenni is fascinated by how the levels of energy of a handler and a dog go hand in hand. The biggest challenges in dog training is to have both parties in the correct state of mind to perform their best, together.

As an instructor Jenni is kind and patient. She never gets tired of explaining things thoroughly because she wants her students to understand why they should do things they are asked to do. One of Jenni’s favourite things as a coach is using her imagination figuring out different ways to make her point, because not all students learn the same way. She loves analyzing and solving problems. The best moments for her as a coach are to see students overcome a long-time problem that they have worked hard to resolve.



Mental Training:
Tools for Life
Coach Training Events
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2015 / Kaarina, Finland
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2016 / Kaarina, Finland
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2017 / Barto, PA, USA
  • Handling Techniques 1 / March 2017, Haukipudas, Finland
  • Foundation for agility / January 2017, Kaarina, Finland
  • Handling Techniques 1 / September 2016, Peyton, CO, USA
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2018 / Lieto, Finland
Certified to teach
  • OneMind Dogs Coach, can teach everything in the OneMind Dogs method

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