Anne Andrle

place Portland, Maine, United States of America

star OneMind Dogs Instructor

When developing her handling plan, Anne aims to optimize efficiency by taking the fewest number of steps possible to communicate the best line for her dog. 

“I have heard many people remark on how smooth my handling is, and that each of my steps is choreographed precisely to each stride of my dog.“

Anne’s personal handling preference is to be in front of her dog, helping the dog to understand where to go. She is best known for having a strong connection to her dog while on course.

Anne is an enthusiastic instructor and brings a lot of energy to her teaching and her students. She gives clear explanations for both the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’.  She is also adept at breaking down each of the seven elements as well as helping handlers isolate the small inconsistencies in their training or handling that may be causing confusion or an undesired outcome. 

Anne’s favorite things to teach include the connection between dog and handler,  international handling as well as training skills.


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  • OneMind Dogs Foundation for Agility / Latrobe, PA, USA
  • Handling Techniques 3 / March 2020, Hamden, CT, USA
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  • OneMind Dogs Foundation for Agility

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