Anna Eifert

place Hungary

star OneMind Dogs Coach

Anna works as a full-time agility trainer in her own company in Hungary. Agility has been part of her life for 15 years and she also has a sports background in amateur gymnastics.

As a handler, Anna describes herself as ‘the crazy one’: “I’m the one who runs the Bull Terrier!” She enjoys independent obstacle skills, distance work and unique handling solutions, which she can select herself.

When Anna is coaching, she is almost always smiling, because she love dogs and she also loves to teach agility. “I'm very patient and precise. I like to make hard courses easy for my students,” Anna says.

Anna thinks all good coaches have a few things in common: “They are patient, they are passionate to teach, help and share knowledge. They are flexible. They can explain very well. They can motivate. They love dogs. They are positive. And they have a great sense of humor.”


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Coach Training Events
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2015 / Kaarina, Finland
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2016 / Kaarina, Finland
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2017 / Barto, PA, USA
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2018 / Lieto, Finland
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2019 / Latrobe, PA, USA
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  • OneMind Dogs Coach, can teach everything in the OneMind Dogs method

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