Mental training: Tools for Life

Janita Leinonen, winner of 34 national agility medals, 15 years in national agility team, inventor of the OneMind Dogs Method, and her Mental Coach Anne Talvitie invite you to blow your mind and turn your life around with the help of mental coaching! The next course starts on June 14th, 2021.

Janita Leinonen, inventor of the OneMind Dogs Method and Leading OneMind Dogs Coach:

For my first ten years competing in agility, my dogs and I consistently did well in small, local competitions. We won champion titles in agility, obedience and working trials.

But in bigger competitions and championships it was a different story. I just could not break through and succeed, no matter how hard my dogs and I worked.

Now I know it was my own beliefs that were preventing me from succeeding - and I kept repeating the same formula for failure, year after year.

In 2004, everything changed.

Why? That was the year that I started learning and applying mental coaching. That was my breakthrough, and since then, with six different dogs, I have represented Finland in the Finnish team every single year; I have won several medals in Finnish Championships; I won the Nordic Championships three years in a row; and I’ve been on the podium several times in the European Open and World Championships.

I thought I had a pretty good handle on mental coaching for agility. But then, a couple of years ago, I met mental coach Anne Talvitie. Anne’s tools and teachings blew my mind. We’d been incorporating mental aspects into agility training, but Annie’s sessions changed my whole life - right down to my personal relationships.

When teaching dogsports or solving issues with problem dogs and owners, I’m known for teaching in a practical, easy-to-understand way. Annie’s teaching style was the same, and suddenly everything was clear and simple. I wish I’d learned this stuff 30 years ago! In fact I am convinced that mental training should be a compulsory course in schools - it would change lives.

I got so excited about these mental training tools, that over the next two years I trained to be a mental coach. Now these skills are key when I teach students at any level - from the owners of a first puppy, to national champions. I use mental coaching tools to help my students to learn faster, to process mistakes and failure in a structured and progressive way, and to become stronger competitors. After all, competitions are not won by the fastest dogs and the best handlers, but by the best competitors.

Like every other skill, mental training needs practice, repetition, maintenance, and, most of all, the will to learn and to grow. The sense of freedom and relief the process gives you, makes this easier than it sounds!

Expert Anne Talvitie joins me for a 12-week online course in mental training

Just twelve weeks to change your life! Each week, we will release a new video with a new mental training tool. And harnessing the strength of community, students are invited to our Facebook group to share your experiences and discuss about the tools and how you have applied them in your lives.

This course is designed for busy people. And people learn best in bite-sized pieces, so the video format means you can go back to the videos and watch them again whenever you feel like it. Depending on the focus each week, we may add some background reading, or some practical exercises to work on, if you want to expand your knowledge.

The course starts on June 14, 2021. 

You will have access to the course materials until end of 2021, and the course's closed Facebook group indefinitely.

What’s in the course?

Anne and I will introduce basic concepts and tools that will help you manage different challenges or problems.

These tools are what you need to:

  • Improve your own life or your relationships
  • Become a better instructor or leader
  • Build your kids’ self-esteem by the way you speak with them
  • Deal with crises and conflict at work
  • Manage drama or negativity in a constructive and positive way
  • Become a better competitor

It actually doesn’t matter what your passion, sport or hobby is - you are welcome to join the course. Of course because of our shared interest here at OneMind Dogs, we will use agility as examples.

Happiness does not depend on the people around you, or the things that happen in life. The key to happiness is between your ears!

Invest in yourself

Your mental wellbeing should be a priority, and the time to learn these skills is now.

The online course is priced at less than three private sessions with a mental coach. This is a different method - where rather than having a private instructor, you can learn at your own pace, review the materials again and again; and be part of a friendly community of people learning the same things, and sharing how they use the tools in different areas of life.

All twelve videos in the course and access to the Facebook community is just €360.00 (approximately $399 USD). 

What mental training students say

“Best investment I’ve made in myself for a long time!  I’m seeing changes in how I approach trials, training and everyday life.”

“It is one of the best online courses I have ever participated, and everyone would benefit from it in everyday life or agility life as well.”

“If you want to become a mentally strong and successful competitor and/or you want to have less stress in your life filled with positive thoughts and feelings, this course is for you!”

“Good things in this course were format, organization, content, other participants’ frankness and genuine desire to understand tools offered and learning that Finns have a great sense of humor! Appreciated Janita's openness in sharing her own mental training, found that fascinating.”

“Everything was great: the structure of the course, the topics following each other. It has a good rhythm that some were more "practical" than again followed by some "mind-centered", thoughtful ones. Before the course I could not imagine how it would be, will it be useful for everyday life, or agility - but now I know that both are covered, of course!”
“Every topic was very useful and the practical tools are great. It is easy to implement them into one's life or use them in everyday situations.”

“My recommends to other people: Do it, it is interesting and fun. There is a lot of content presented well and if you are willing to put some time in, you will get a lot out. It might change your whole life!”

“A lot of agility related exercises, but a lot of tools also for everything else. Enough explanations about the ”whys”, but still very practical. I did like it very much that actually Janita did the course too 😃 Her personal experiences, examples and thinking made everything easier to understand.”

“Feedback was very individualized. I felt like I had a personal mental coach in my corner!”

“My recommends to other people: Take this course. Even if you don't struggle with your mental game, you'll find things in this course that strengthen your game in ways you don't anticipate.”

“This is a very useful course for learning about your strengths in training and competition as well as areas for improvement.”

“After this course I’m making more responsibility for myself, considering more facets of a situation, enjoying my dogs more as an observer and trainer, less pressure on myself.”

“Good things in this course: A lot of information, important tools, new ideas and views and Janita's practical comments.”

“Material was provided in an understandable easy to follow manner. The mix of video and written summary of the lesson content was very helpful.”

 “Great content, efficiently presented in both written and audio form.  Topics were great.  Specific examples of exercises provided.”

“I can use many learned skills as an instructor for my students.”

“What I want to say to other people about this course: Be ready to face the demons holding you back and keeping you from becoming mentally strong! It's sometimes challenging and painful to work through, but in the end you will be so much stronger for it and better prepared for agility and non-agility challenges in life!”

“This course was so clear. Each week was a different focus without too much information at once. And each week had something critical to understand about mental skills and controlling/understanding my inner voice and how to really own my power.”

“What I want to tell other people about this course: You are going to learn some valuable strategies to help you with your mental game in agility. And you can apply those to work and everyday life. So you compete in dog agility? Great And your dog is fantastic? Great.. And you know handling techniques? Great. Now what about your mental game? Take this course!”

“This course had good info for everyone to get exposure to, and to start you on a different, more positive way of thinking!”

“I liked the content very much. Good information. Everyone in agility should do some type of mental training. This course has good scientific information presented by Janita, who also has gone through all the levels of mental training for high level competition. Which makes the examples very relatable.”

“I would recommend this course to everyone!”

“Reframing our thoughts is about the most powerful positive thing that we can do for ourselves, and those around us.”

”I got a lot to think and good tools for life.”

”I would advertise this as a good course of lectures.”

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