Agility Training Challenge 3 [free video]

The third official Training Challenge is called "Handling without hands". 

People often ask us about hands in handling: “Can I use this hand in the Jaakko Turn, German Turn or Tandem Turn? Hands have a big meaning to us humans, but not for dogs. All the energy that the handlers use for moving their hands is usually missing from the energy that should go to their feet.  With the 3rd Training Challenge, you'll get to know the other handling elements better.

Out of all seven handling elements, hands and voice are of least importance to the dog, unless the dog is specifically trained to follow these elements.

Try handling without your hands and you’ll be amazed how little they mean to your dog. The rhythm of your movement, your position, and the direction of your gaze, chest and feet are much more meaningful to your dog, for example taking one step when sending the dog behind a wing of a jump or when preparing the dog to a Front Cross.

If your dog is frightened of you wearing a garbage bag you can just put your hands in your pockets or keep yourself from waving your hands in some other way.

Try this challenge with any course plan. However, click here for a printable version of course map.

Have fun training, don’t fall!

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