What is a OneMind Dogs Seminar?

An authentic OneMind Dogs seminar is a life-altering experience, where you get to learn from some of the best agility coaches in the world. The learning experience combines online learning with hands on training with a OneMind Dogs Coach or Instructor.

Our certified OneMind Dogs Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Instructors will teach you how to see agility from your dog’s perspective. They will introduce you to the concept of the three Cs and your virtual dog, show you how to perform different handling techniques in great detail and give you personalized feedback on your performance. You’ll get access to an extensive portfolio of support materials both before and after the training.

Is your instructor certified by OneMind Dogs?

You can find all OneMind Dogs Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Instructors online and check their qualifications and merits.

Know the difference!

Q: I’ve seen seminars advertising they’re “inspired by OneMind Dogs”. What does that mean?

A: OneMind Dogs only guarantees the quality of authentic OneMind Dogs seminars. “Inspired by OneMind Dogs” seminars may or may not be organized by students of OneMind Dogs Coaches. The organizers may or may not have a good knowledge about the OneMind Dogs method and handling techniques.

Authentic OneMind Dogs seminars:
- Are coached by certified OneMind Dogs Coaches, Assistant Coaches or Instructors
- Include a pre seminar online course. You will receive the code from your seminar host.

If you’ve stumbled across a seminar “inspired by OneMind Dogs” that is not coached by a OneMind Dogs Coach – we’re sorry! Whatever the advert says, it’s not a OneMind Dogs seminar.

Why auditing a OneMind Dogs Seminar is a great idea?

Our popular working spots fill up quickly, but we still want to help more people to understand our unique training method. Solution: we’ve introduced an entirely new way to attend our agility seminars as an auditor. Read more about the auditing experience on our blog.

Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners. We are passionate about increasing the mutual understanding between the dog and the owner, making a life together more enjoyable for both.