What is an Agility Gambler?

Not all gambling is reserved for the casino! We aren’t talking about taking bets on the winning dogs. Gamblers is an agility game with a distance challenge. So put your wallet down and learn more about this fun game!

Gamblers game rules differ slightly between organizations, however the concept stays the same. Here are some key features about gamble:

There are two parts to your run: the opening and the closing

The Opening:

  • You will have 25-40 seconds (depending on organization) to collect as many point as you can
  • Each obstacle has an assigned point value
  • Each obstacle can only be done twice for points (for example, if your dog does the a-frame but misses the contact, you can do it as many times as it takes to get it successful, but you can only receive points for it twice)
  • There is no set course, you create your own course trying to maximize the points collected
  • When your opening time is up, a buzzer will sound, indicating you to proceed to the closing

The Closing:

  • This is a set sequence pre-determined by the judge, usually between 3-5 obstacles.
  • From the time to buzzer sounds you have a set amount of time to handle your dog through this sequence while you stay behind a line anywhere from 15 - 40 feet away (the distance challenge part). This is called the main gamble.
  • The time given depends on the organization and number of obstacles in the closing sequence but it is usually between 12-30 seconds
  • There will be a line on the ground which you have to stay behind the whole time you are handling your dog through this sequence in order to get the points for the closing. If your dog successfully completes the main gamble but you touch or cross the line, you will not get the points for this
  • You have to at least attempt the closing to keep your opening points
  • Some organizations give two closing options: an easier one for less points or a harder one for more points

*Important Rules*

  • You cannot ‘practice’ the closing sequences during the opening. If you do 2 or more obstacles of the main gamble in order during the opening you will be dismissed.
  • After the opening buzzer sounds, you cannot collect anymore points for opening obstacles. The obstacles can be performed but you will not collect points.. Best to just run straight to the main gamble as fast as you can!
  • Some organizations have mini-gambles or jokers, which are small distance challenges that can be done in the opening for extra points. These are not mandatory, but if you do them from behind the set line you will usually receive double the points for the obstacles.
  • Every organization and level has slightly different rules. Be sure to check the rules of your competition to ensure the most success in your gamble!

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