Sequencing Forced Front Crosses – Free Exercise And Course Map!

Simple sequences with just a few jumps and a tunnel are the best way to practice applying handling techniques on a course. Try this exercise to practice the Forced Front Cross on both sides. All you need is a tunnel and four jumps!

Forced Front Cross is one of the most efficient techniques when you need to get your dog behind a jump. When performing a Forced Front Cross you need to pay attention to the use of all seven handling elements and to learn to see the moment of commitment by looking into your dog's eyes.

This is what to do in this exercise:

  • #3 Forced Front Cross
  • #4 Backside Send to Front Cross
  • #7 Forced Front Cross

Depending on which line you want your dog on after the jump and on which side you want to continue handling him, you can also end a Forced Front Cross to a Front Cross or a Jaakko Turn.

Print a course map for the exercise above and start practicing!

Do you also want to practice the Forced Front Cross to a Jaakko Turn in a sequence?

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