OneMind Dogs Method [video]

This video introduces the "whys & hows" of the OneMind Dogs method.

When teaching the OneMind Dogs handling techniques, knowing how each handling element works in a technique is the key. In every handling technique we try to get all the elements to support the same thing. The core rule is that the handler should be consistent with the training and never give mixed signals to the dog.

The dogs have taught us that some of the elements are more meaningful for them than others. That is why we always talk about the handling elements in certain order: the most important elements are listed first.

Once you understand how subtle changes in the use of each handling element affect a dog, it will be easy for you not just to teach the techniques to your students, but also do troubleshooting.

Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners. We are passionate about increasing the mutual understanding between the dog and the owner, making a life together more enjoyable for both.