Noora Keskievari Talks about Responsible Dog Ownership On TV

OneMind Dogs CEO Noora Keskievari was recently on Finnish morning TV talking about responsible dog ownership. For those of you who don’t know Finnish, read a quick recap on Noora’s key talking points below!

Picture: MTV3

The TV show host asked what people should consider when they’re getting a dog. Noora was joined by Kirsi Salmijärvi from the Finnish Kennel Club, who said you should always carefully consider the breed and whether the dog’s needs fit your lifestyle.

Noora explained that OneMind Dogs promotes responsible dog ownership by preventing behavioral problems from ever happening. The best way to do this is to start building a trusting relationship the minute you bring your puppy home.

Noora also pointed out that people some people still have outdated views on dog training. She thinks it would be great if people spent more time thinking about how they want the dog to behave when it’s adult, and start practicing this already during puppyhood.

On a global scale, there’s not enough understanding of the importance of puppy training. Less than 10% of US dogs currently get any kind of obedience training. Too many dogs end up in shelters because of behavioral problems.

Noora said that sometimes people don’t even realize their dog’s behavioral issues are self-inflicted. People allow puppies to do things they would not allow from an adult dog, and the puppy learns to assume these things are okay to do. Noora also emphasized that responsible dog ownership is not just picking up your dog’s poop off the street. It’s about building a great relationship with your dog and training it in an ethical way that’s enjoyable for the human and the dog.

OneMind Dogs has done a lot of research on this and is now introducing puppy training that’s easily accessible, high quality and fun for both the dog and the owner.

We think Noora did great on the TV, hope you enjoyed the video as well!

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