12-year Old Fiona Wennberg: Born To Run Agility

Meet Fiona Wennberg - a talented and goal oriented young agility enthusiast from Denmark. Fiona might be only 12 years old, but she has already racked up an impressive agility career.

Fiona started doing agility when she was just five. Even before that she used to follow her mom, Eve Blom, to competitions. In other words, Fiona has done agility more than half her life!

Fiona currently runs with her sheltie, Thiana, that she got when she was eight. They’ve competed in the European and World Championships, and this year they are once again representing Denmark in the Nordic Championships. Fiona trains with OneMind Dogs Coach Jane Elene Christensen who thinks Fiona is super in all aspects of life. Leading OneMind Dogs Coach Janita Leinonen remembers Fiona well from her seminars: it’s not many children that set World Championships as their near future goal and achieve it!

Why does Fiona enjoy agility? “I do agility because it gives me a chance to run and work with my wonderful dog. It’s such a great feeling when we do well! And even if we don’t always do well, I still love it.”

Fiona has set her sights high; she is dreaming of winning the World Championships one day. She is realistic and knows exactly what it will take: “I need to train and compete a lot more to get there.”

We predict Fiona will go far with this kind of attitude!

Watch a video where Fiona tells about her experiences with agility and sends a special message to other young people who might be interested in the sport.

You can also follow Fiona’s adventures on her YouTube channel.

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