Different Ways To Handle The Same Course

There are over 30 OneMind Dogs handling techniques so that you can create an agility toolbox. Depending on your style, you may use some of the same tools very often, and other tools only get pulled out occasionally. Having a diverse toolbox with many options means that you can handle any course, with any physical restrictions no problem.

In this video, Tina Hindsgaul had an injured leg which prevented her from running this course alongside her dog. She needed to figure out a way to handle this course with very little movement and only at a walking pace. Tina has spent the time developing her toolbox so that her and her dog have many skills such as distance work on jumps, tunnels and contacts as well as a variety of verbal cues and handling techniques that can be executed and understood by her dog at a distance.

When the handler cannot run, more time needs to be spent training obstacle focus and performance skills at a distance so that the handler can send the dog and trust that the dog will keep the commitment and finish the correct performance at a distance. As well when the handler cannot run, trained verbal cues used in conjunction with supporting handling elements can go a long way in handling the dog at a distance.

There are also many other ways to handle this exact same course. OneMind Dogs Coach Channie Orsted demonstrates several ways to handle the same sequences with different handling techniques.

When you spend the time developing your agility toolbox, you will have multiple tools for every situation! This means you can always find a handling solution that fits you best for every course… a full toolbox gives you options to choose from!

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