What Is 2on2off?

On an agility competition course, the dog is required to touch the contact zones with at least one paw in both ends of each contact obstacle: dogwalk, seesaw and A-frame. How can you teach your dog to do that?

Teaching your dog the obstacles is one big part of agility training. The more independently the dog can do the obstacles, the more possibilities the handler has to get through all kinds of sequences and courses. In OneMind Dogs obstacle training, the main goal is to teach dogs thoroughly how to perform certain obstacles. The dog should be able to clear the obstacles regardless of what the handler is doing. We try to avoid situations where the dog´s obstacle performance skills limit the handler´s handling options.

2on2off is one of the training methods for down contacts. In this method, the dog stops in the end of the contact obstacle, keeping the hind feet on the contact zone while the front paws are on the ground. This way you can be sure that the dog touches the contact zone. The dog is expected to hold the position until hearing a specific verbal release cue. Start teaching the 2on2off contacts to your dog with the help of the 2on2off Contacts - Basic Training video!

You can introduce the 2on2off position to your dog already at the puppy stage, and start practicing at home. Check out how Kelpie puppy Hu started the contact training!

You and your dog can have a lot of fun by practicing the 2on2off position in different places and situations, and on different kind of platforms. You don't need an agility field to teach your dog the contacts - the only thing you need is your imagination!

Start teaching 2on2off contacts to your dog with our Obstacle Training course!


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