The Wait Is Over! The OneMind Dogs Coach Network Is Expanding

We at OneMind Dogs are extremely proud of our Coaching Team that consists of world class agility pros. Now this amazing team is about to grow!

Dog owners around the world can learn about the OneMind Dogs method through our online service and at live events; seminars, training classes and camps. The demand for our live events is so high that we are currently able to meet only a fraction of it through our existing Coach network.

To respond to the demand, we opened the long-awaited OneMind Dogs Coach Training Program for our Premium members in May 2017.

Who are the new Instructor trainees?

We set out to find people who share our passion for improving the quality of dogs’ lives by helping people to understand their dogs better. We wanted to find people who were already familiar with the OneMind Dogs method, but who most of all are passionate about learning more and sharing their knowledge with others.

The amount of applications we received exceeded all our expectations. There are no words to describe how happy and honoured we feel about the amount of interest people have shown for becoming ambassadors of the OneMind Dogs method!

We received a total of 115 applications from 14 different countries, with a total of 88 from the US only, where we received applications from 30 different states!

As part of the application process, we asked the applicants to film an introduction video of themselves. Many people had fun with this part of the application process and we saw a lot of hilarious moments in the videos. Check out this one sent by Hannah Eskow from Canada.

Welcoming the new Instructor trainees

The Coach Training Program consists of several training modules. Trainees will become certified instructors for each module by completing online courses, participating in live events and passing final exams.

Today is a big day: the people who have been selected to start their journey to become OneMind Dogs Instructors will receive the news from us! Follow the social media to find out if any of your friends have been selected! We are using hashtag #learningisinfinite for the new Coach Training Program and to celebrate our new Instructors, and as always - we use #oneminddogs on social media as well.

The first live events will take place in Connecticut, US, and in Finland during fall 2017.

When the first group has started the training, we will make decisions on opening up another application process. If you are interested in the OneMind Dogs Coach Training Program, subscribe to the Coach Training newsletter!



Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners. We are passionate about increasing the mutual understanding between the dog and the owner, making a life together more enjoyable for both.